Our story.

Baseline was founded in Vancouver in 2012 when Paul Schulz and Harris Morton looked around the payments company they worked for and decided, ‘We can do this much better!’ Baseline’s founding principles were basic: make life simpler for merchants, operate with integrity, and provide a superior level of service. From Day One, Baseline has offered transparent Cost Plus pricing, which is only now becoming the industry norm.

From those humble beginnings, Baseline has grown to support 2,000 merchants across North America, processing $2 billion annually and with offices in Vancouver and Nashville. Today, Baseline is a Canadian leader in providing tailored billing solutions for B2B, law firms, the construction industry, and many more. And, we’re just getting started.

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Meet our payment processing people.

Paul Schulz

Co-founder & Chief Visionary Officer

“The thing I’m most proud of at Baseline is our client retention rate. It speaks to our core values as much as our offering. Financial services isn’t a sexy industry, but we know we are serving a vitally important role in the growth and wellbeing of our merchants.”

After a long and successful career in commercial insurance (soul sufficiently destroyed), Paul took a winding path to the payments industry over a decade ago. It was during a stint of playing online poker, attempting to become the next Daniel Negreanu, where he became fascinated with the intricacies and challenges of how money moves online. While he gained more skills than winnings from poker – among them patience, discipline and bankroll management – Paul eventually found his way to launching Baseline in 2012. The company was founded on simplifying payment processing for merchants, and today boasts more than 2,000 customers processing $2B annually.

Jean-Sebastien Beaucage

Partner & Chief Strategy Officer

“The most undervalued behaviour of an advisor is his ability to behave with low self-interest. Genuinely caring for the people you work with, and for, is the foundation of building long-term, reciprocal, successful relationships.”

J-S has a background in engineering and innovation and has spent the majority of his career in management consulting, helping businesses from various industries transform their procurement and finance functions with the use of technologies and process changes. J-S moved to Vancouver from Montreal 12 years ago and now spends most of his free time teaching (mostly trying to) his two kids how to ski and mountain bike so he can enjoy activities again.

Georgina White

Compliance Manager

“About one in five merchants change their processor annually. Not at Baseline, and here’s why: relationships. We get to know our clients. We’re always looking for ways to help. And we’re interested in constantly improving our own business. Which is to make payments as painless as possible.”

Georgina joined Baseline in 2017 after a long career in telecom and consumer goods sales. She’s an integral part of Baseline’s client success team and also holds the role of Compliance Manager. Georgina, a proud resident of the historic village of Steveston, B.C., has two beautiful daughters. Much to some colleagues’ chagrin, she also happens to be Baseline’s resident cribbage champion.

Andrew Galang

Senior Account Manager

“I love knowing that I can solve our clients’ problems and I’m driven by adding value to their business. That’s how we form amazing client relationships — we prioritize taking care of people.”

Andrew joined Baseline in 2015 and started in sales, before realizing he had a knack for problem-solving the unique needs of our clients. Today, Andrew helps oversee our client success team and manages our largest accounts with his incomparable level of passion and dedication to getting things right. Vancouver-born-and-raised, Andrew is a former professional dancer, and featured on stage with Janet Jackson in her Unbreakable world tour in 2015.

Marc Weber

VP, Business Development

“I love doing good business with good people. It’s really that simple. I love new challenges, solving problems, and getting to know my clients on a level that goes well beyond what you get from a big bank processor.”

Marc’s winding background includes 20 years in sports communications and journalism that morphed into a sales and business development career at Baseline starting in 2017. Perhaps he’s finally making use of that UBC Commerce degree after all (just don’t ask about his GPA). Born in Cape Town and raised in Nottingham, England, and Vancouver, Marc lives on Salt Spring Island with his young family, who are his No. 1 priority … after Tottenham Hotspur and baking sourdough bread.

Elsy Percy

Client Success Specialist

“At Baseline, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional service and are passionate about cultivating meaningful relationships. We are committed to go above and beyond, ensuring that every client interaction becomes a transformative experience.”

After an enriching two-year tenure in the U.S., the native of Colombia discovered her passion for the diverse community of Vancouver. Elsy blends her profound enthusiasm for effective communication with her developing knowledge of the business world. Elsy loves traveling, learning about cultures, and spending time at the beach.

Jonathan McDonald

Chief People Officer

“We recently asked a new client, ‘Why did you pick Baseline?’ The answer: ‘Because of the way you made us feel.’ The way you made us feel. That’s all you need to know about Baseline!”

Jonathan joined Baseline in 2019 after after forays into public relations and health care. He also spent two decades in journalism and management at The Province newspaper in Vancouver, where his gigs ranged from TV critic (real job!) to sports editor. As anyone who has worked with Jonathan will attest to, Chief People Officer is the perfect title for him. His infectious enthusiasm and his genuine care for people helps drive the Baseline team forward and supports our client connections daily. With two kids away at university, Jonathan skis Whistler regularly and scores one, sometimes two goals a season in beer league hockey. Jonathan really wants you to know he is a former U.S. college mascot and the Hudson Bay Company’s Baby of the Year in 1970.

Ernesto Belmontes Machado

Client Success Specialist

“I grew up in an environment where relationships are among life’s most important pillars. That’s the case at Baseline, where I get to know merchants and help simplify their payment processes. I feel that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. put it best: ‘Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, What are you doing for others?’”

A graduate of Royal Roads University in Victoria, Ernesto worked in the health care industry for a long time — since his early teen years, at his family’s pharmacies in Mexico — and in hospitality, where he always delivered incredible customer service. In his spare time, Ernesto enjoys hiking, skiing, playing soccer, going to the beach … and, of course, admiring sunsets. He also has a very spoiled Husky dog.

Gary Sanders

Senior Payments Specialist, U.S.

“Everything we do at Baseline is aimed at creating wins and building on our relationships. Our clients, our partners and our team inspire us daily and we are grateful for the opportunity to serve. As payments evolve and customer preferences accelerate, how is your business adapting — and who is leading the way?”

Gary hails from the great state of Tennessee — known for whiskey, fiddling, whittling … and being Baseline’s U.S. home! His payments journey began in 2012 when he joined Elavon — Baseline’s primary acquiring partner — as a portfolio manager. Intrigued by Baseline’s mission and approach, Gary joined Baseline in 2015 to expand our services across the States. Gary loves travelling — particularly to B.C. and Brazil — music, cooking and, to his consistent dismay, the Cincinnati Bengals.

Hamzah Haider

Senior Software Engineer and Cybersecurity Lead

“Code weaves the tapestry of innovation, and as a software engineer I’m dedicated to stitching together the future. With every keystroke, I architect solutions that empower and transform. My passion for crafting code is driven by the belief that technology has the power to reshape our world, and I’m honoured to be a part of this ever-evolving journey.”

Newly wedded, Hamzah shares his home with two energetic Bengal cats, finding joy in hands-on pursuits like automotive tinkering, crafting furniture, and building computer hardware. Hamzah’s thirst for knowledge leads him to explore tech and business literature. He maintains his commitment to fitness through regular weight training, ensuring a balanced and active lifestyle.

Christina Oh

Software Engineer

“A common theme I’ve noticed about everyone here is that they exude a sense of pride for the work they do and for Baseline as a company. It’s an inspiring and rewarding experience to be working with like-minded people everyday.”

Christina joined Baseline shortly after completing her computer science degree at UBC. Throughout her undergrad, Christina built her experience as a software developer through internships in domains such as telecom, gaming and fintech. In her free time, Christina enjoys exploring parks and hiking trails with her dog, staying active, and losing track of time in various craft projects.

Tyler Massey

Senior Payments Specialist

“My previous life in financial services — running a trade desk, creating and managing dozens of systems — was exciting for an introvert. I aspired to feed my inner extrovert, which led me to Baseline. For me, a win is when my team and I can deliver some great time savings and a seamless end user experience, while building some great relationships along the way.”

An enthusiastic team player, Tyler joined Baseline after a 10-year career in financial services. He brings a great mix of technical know-how and a dedication to outstanding customer service. Based in Squamish, Tyler is focused on helping merchants in the Sea-to-Sky corridor, as well as delivering solutions for the marine industry across North America — including DockSpace, our fabulous marina management system. When not working, Tyler can be found chasing his children on Whistler Blackcomb’s double-black runs or hydrofoiling on the ocean.

Stefano Corradini

Senior Payments Specialist

“It’s important that my work is aligned to my values and has a healthy, positive impact on the people I work with. I believe in empowering clients to make informed choices by distilling complex information in an understandable way. It is this combination of purpose and people that makes Baseline a trustworthy service provider. That’s why working here is so special!”

After moving from Italy to Vancouver in 2010, Stefano had a diverse array of careers, from lumber trader to cyber-security consultant and finally as a tech recruiter, before landing at Baseline. Proud father to two amazing girls and a former professional basketball player in Europe, Stefano loves cooking, biking and spending precious time with his family.

Donny McGillicuddy

Relationship Sales Specialist & Compliance Lead

“A wise man once said, ‘A good decision is based on knowledge, not numbers.’ I was not that man, but those words still ring true today.”

After 20 years of owning and operating various business in Scandinavia, Donny — a Kelowna, B.C., native who enjoys walking, reading and a good nap — felt it was time to return to Canada. The skills Donny developed while walking a mile in the merchant’s shoes have provided him unique insights into the challenges that companies face trying to organize their processes. Payments is a tough game, and solutions is our middle name!

Richard Seymour

Payments Specialist

“I’ve sold classified newspaper and magazine ads, bathroom billboards, and oldies radio spots. I’ve long since come to realize that it doesn’t matter what you’re selling or at what price, the customer has to trust you first. Only then will they see the value in what you’re selling.”

Rich loves spending time with his daughter, who is a soccer star and artist. He is a fitness enthusiast and avid runner. Rich has run three marathons and golfs poorly. He owns a baseball hat company called the Nine O’Clock Gun Company and rents out his Airbnb: The Little Bear Hiking Cabin.

Bala Amar

Technology Specialist

“Every cloud has a silver lining and every problem has a solution. We at Baseline cater to businesses of all sizes and recommend the best possible solutions based on our clients’ business needs and requirements.”

After earning his master’s degree, Bala joined Baseline as a technical specialist to contribute to the exciting advances that happen constantly in payments. There is no single approach that works for everyone, so Bala continues to educate himself on emerging technologies and trends to provide the most comprehensive solution that works for each client’s individual needs. When he’s not doing the right things for Baseline’s customers, Bala enjoys watching sci-fi movies, dramas and documentaries.

Hugh Lalande

Sales Development Representative

“I’ve always prided myself on doing my research, building relationships with trust, and helping deliver technology solutions that help my customers. Always while giving compassionate customer service!”

After graduating from the Business Administration/Marketing program at Canadore College in his home town of North Bay, Ont., Hugh followed the old advice: “Go west, young man.” Along his journey he’s had help from family and friends in the music community as a longtime fan of concerts – shockingly, with the Grateful Dead at the top of his long list — while traveling throughout North America. He’s also become fond of collecting music art posters and memorabilia.

Mary-Ellen Mason

Payments Specialist

“I have worked in the FinTech industry since before the word was a word. Empowering people to achieve their success or dreams has been my greatest passion. I love it!”

Mary-Ellen lives in the heart of B.C.’s wine nirvana, the Okanagan. Her proudest moment in recent years: riding her bike 400 kilometres in one day doing the Ride2Survive, a fundraiser for cancer research. She is passionate about her daughters Kassia and Lily, and loves to holiday in the Yukon and Mexico.

Harris Morton

Senior Payments Specialist

“The payments industry is often made too confusing for merchants to understand. One of our great accomplishments has been to make it easy to understand. Our approach is consultative; we want to do what’s best to complement our clients’ business. This is the real success of Baseline.”

A Vancouver native, Harris co-founded Baseline back in 2012 and helped build the company’s portfolio to nearly 2,000 customers. He took a well-earned step away from ownership in 2023 but continues on as a key part of Baseline’s sales team with a little more time to enjoy his fishing boat, his Hi-Fi and his beloved dog, Piper.

Karen Foan

Recruitment Specialist

“The Baseline team is amazing and thrives in a caring environment. It’s little wonder the team’s always doing what’s best for our customers.”

Karen has more than a decade of HR experience in fields ranging from early childhood education to recreation. “Working in a preschool and being in HR are a perfect fit,” Karen says. (Wait, is she saying something about us?) A former national champion race-walker, Karen loves cross-country skiing, hiking, snowboarding and ultimate, and hanging out with her adorable puppy Morty.

Shawn Lang

Payments Specialist

“One of the biggest rewards I’ve received from working with Baseline has to be the friendships I have with many of my clients. These friendships have grown out of a track record of reliability, trust, and taking a personal interest in how the services I provide can benefit their businesses.”

Shawn has worked in the payment processing industry since 2002. He joined Baseline in the company’s early days, in 2013, so has lived first-hand the evolution of our industry. He knows how critical it is for merchants to have a payments provider they can rely on for expertise and support as the landscape becomes more complex. Shawn has two sons and loves any activity that gets him outside and connected to nature.

Ross Haider

Senior Advisor

“I’ve lived and worked through the evolution of digital payments. Going from a single payment device on a dial-up line, to consumers making a payment by simply walking out of a store. The one thing that has not changed — I still get up every morning excited to help clients solve their next digital commerce challenge. Baseline gives me the perfect environment and flexibility to explore every possible option to tailor solutions for clients.”

Ross has held leadership positions at major payment processors and banks supporting Canadian, U.S. and international markets for more than two decades, and has been involved with numerous complex payment system rollouts for clients in all key industries. His expertise has assisted in negotiating and managing strategic partnerships as well as overseeing direct sales channels. Away from work, Ross continues to search for the next magic move to help his golf game, and spends quality time in the Toronto area with his family, along with their two Bengal cats.


“Don’t call me by my name and expect me to come. What do you think I am, a dog?”

Meow, a formerly vicious rescue, is now a gentle (she paid us to say that) house cat who rules the roost on Granville Island. She lives at Baseline HQ 24/7 and, like every other cat out there, really doesn’t give a s*#@.

Here’s what our people do

We are an independent sales organization and merchant services provider with nearly 2,000 clients across Canada and the U.S. Our clients are companies who take and make payments; we consult on best practices and best solutions, connect them with North America’s leading processors, and provide all ongoing client support. We enjoy longtime, trusted relationships with many processors and banks, as well as third-party software providers and numerous business associations — local, provincial and national.
We own and continue to develop and enhance a vibrant, compliant platform that, with one of Canada’s most prominent banks on the back end, moves EFTs for businesses ranging from construction to consulting. Our clients send and receive funds using Jetpay — a modern, convenient way to speed up traditionally slow, cumbersome methods of payment. On the horizon: accounting and ERP integrations and much more!
We have many Canadian marinas as payments clients. Knowledgeable in the space, we identified that marinas were using management systems that did not fit their needs. Marinas have many moving parts — and we knew we could help. So we are building our own marina management platform and are expanding its list of features in advance of rolling it out across North America and, hopefully, beyond.

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