Baseline moves to iconic Granville Island

New home accommodates our growing team and desire to connect more with the city

Stanley Park and Granville Island. Check out most “top-10 things to do in Vancouver” lists, and those two are usually No. 1 and No. 2. Well, now there’s another reason to visit Granville Island: It’s the new home of Baseline Payments!

In June, Baseline moved from its longtime South Vancouver office to Pier 32 — an iconic building that sits above False Creek and is adjacent to one of the island’s great curiosities: the neighbourhood of floating homes that rise and fall with the tides.

“Coming from a remote location that no one visited, I wanted us to enjoy a unique space that our clients and prospects couldn’t wait to visit,” says Paul Schulz, Baseline’s co-founder. “We couldn’t get people to visit before; now we can’t get them to leave.

“We also wanted a home that would inspire our growing team and better reflect the company we’ve become today and the one we aspire to become.”

The former industrial land is home to artisans, restaurants, a thriving boating scene and the well-known market, and is just a literal stone’s throw across the creek from downtown Vancouver.

Baseline’s 3,500sf office, which features a 20-foot cherry maple board room table from the amazing team at Chapel Arts and a wraparound deck overlooking the passing yachts (and occasional pirate ship!), is home to the sales and client success team. We are open weekdays, 9-5, and encourage you to stop by to say hello and check out one of Vancouver’s great settings.

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