Goodbye Baseline Processing, hello Baseline Payments

New name, new logo, same great team 

Nine years ago, Paul Schulz and Harris Morton co-founded Baseline Processing. The company has grown to have a portfolio of nearly 2,000 clients across North America, processing a combined $2 billion in annual transactions. 

It’s growth we are immensely proud of but it was time for a fresh look. A (slightly) new name — the word Payments better reflecting the consulting work we do — and a new brand that better illustrates who we are today, and where we are going.

We engaged the immensely-talented Robert Kantor, the award-winning director of the Sydney-based 630 Agency, to brainstorm about a modern look for a renamed Baseline. He hit the nail on the head during our initial consult.

“What’s most important to the Baseline team is conversation — asking questions, getting to know your clients, finding solutions,” Robert said in that meeting.

From that discussion, the logo was born. The stylized quote marks represent both the ‘b’ and ‘p’ of Baseline Payments, and the consultative, customized and caring approach that we believe so strongly in.

So, Welcome to Baseline, your payment processing people.

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