Welcome to Baseline. The hospitality industry's payment processing people.

From restaurants and wineries to hotels and bars, Baseline has the right solutions and expertise for your business.

“The hospitality industry lives and dies on service. I think merchants should expect the same level of care from their vendors.”

Marc Weber

Senior Payments Specialist

“I love getting to know merchants and helping them simplify their payment processes.”

Ernesto Belmonte Machado

Client Success Specialist

Some of the people who count on us.

‘What is Cost Plus pricing?'

'Who do I call for support?'

'Can we have one solution for in-store and online?'

"Can you integrate with our POS system?'

'What the heck is PCI Compliance?'

There’s no question you can’t ask us. We’ve heard them all.

Processing integrated payments in the hospitality sector can be needlessly frustrating and complicated. But when you find the right people, it all makes sense (hint: we think that's us).

We've rolled out payment solutions for hundreds of hospitality merchants across North America, so we know a thing or two. Leverage our experience to identify inefficiencies and opportunities, and to get the most out of your payments systems.

Our common process for unique solutions.

You talk, we listen.

Anyone can reduce your fees (even a robot). We want to create a better payments experience for your staff and customers. That starts with having the right conversation.

We tailor a solution for you.

Your business is unique. Why settle for cookie-cutter? Our large network of payments partners means we always deliver a tailored solution based on your needs and our experience.

We support, you save.

If you like 1-800 numbers we can recommend a good therapist. Working with us means saving time, money and frustration. We are your passionate first point of contact, always.

A customer relationship that's really a partnership.

We have a different way of working with our clients, which we call 'partnering'. Foreign as this concept may seem to many in the payments industry, we think it makes perfect sense.

We find that this approach helps to deliver smart, customized and cost-efficient solutions. And, as any of our clients will tell you, it saves them a heck of a lot on headache pills.

“We need someone who cares about our business, is quick to solve problems and adds value through expertise. Baseline does that better than anyone I’ve worked with in payments.”

Justin Tisdall, Owner, Juke Fried Chicken

All this can be yours...

One solution for in-house and online

It’s the 2020s. Having one vendor for payments shouldn’t be complicated.

We get it. Sometimes guests eat in, sometimes they order online. Perhaps you deliver, too. We help streamline your operations and bookkeeping by bringing vendors to the table who can handle all your growing needs.

Integrated payments

When A talks to B, you improve operational efficiency.

Integration cuts down on errors, reduces reconciliation and improves the customer experience. Our large network of payments and tech partners means we offer integrated solutions no matter what software you are using.

New revenue stream

Is your business a tourist hot spot? Boost your bottom line with currency rebates.

With Baseline you can access a 1.5% rebate when your foreign customers choose to pay in their home currency. Dynamic Currency Conversion is a great way to offset merchant fees. Your customers will love the choice, too.

A few good reasons to count on us.

  • We only price on a fully transparent Cost Plus pricing model.
  • We are educators in our industry. We want our merchants to understand payments.
  • We care about our clients more than our processing partners. We want to help grow your business.
  • We embrace new technology that enhances the user experience.
  • We love conversations. We love listening. Our approach is collaborative.
  • We are problem solvers. We don’t point fingers. We own issues.
  • We are always striving to find a better way to do things.
  • We hire good people for every role. Personality and values are non-negotiable.

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