Jonathan McDonald

“We recently asked a new client, ‘Why did you pick Baseline?’ The answer: ‘Because of the way you made us feel.’ The way you made us feel. That’s all you need to know about Baseline!”

Jonathan joined Baseline in 2019 after after forays into public relations and health care. He also spent two decades in journalism and management at The Province newspaper in Vancouver, where his gigs ranged from TV critic (real job!) to sports editor. As anyone who has worked with Jonathan will attest to, Chief People Officer is the perfect title for him. His infectious enthusiasm and his genuine care for people helps drive the Baseline team forward and supports our client connections daily. With two kids away at university, Jonathan skis Whistler regularly and scores one, sometimes two goals a season in beer league hockey. Jonathan really wants you to know he is a former U.S. college mascot and the Hudson Bay Company’s Baby of the Year in 1970.

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