Paul Schulz

“The thing I’m most proud of at Baseline is our client retention rate. It speaks to our core values as much as our offering. Financial services isn’t a sexy industry, but we know we are serving a vitally important role in the growth and wellbeing of our merchants.”

After a long and successful career in commercial insurance (soul sufficiently destroyed), Paul took a winding path to the payments industry over a decade ago. It was during a stint of playing online poker, attempting to become the next Daniel Negreanu, where he became fascinated with the intricacies and challenges of how money moves online. While he gained more skills than winnings from poker – among them patience, discipline and bankroll management – Paul eventually found his way to launching Baseline in 2012. The company was founded on simplifying payment processing for merchants, and today boasts more than 2,000 customers processing $2B annually.

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