Trust is transparent.

No teaser rates, no hidden fees. That’s the Baseline way.

Our simple and transparent Cost Plus pricing delivers peace of mind — and significant savings — to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

You’ll always know exactly what your processor’s cost and markup is, and we’ll never engage in pricing games. We actually want you to understand your merchant statement!

Old School Pricing

“Qualified”, “Credit”, or “Discount” rate

  • Marked-up Assessment fees
  • Non-qualified, Rate Adjustment, or “Other” fees
  • Interchange Differential fees
  • Return fees, Batch fees, or Statement fees
  • Network fees, PCI fees or Risk Assessment fees

TOTAL: Doesn’t look like that “Discount” rate!

Our Pricing

Interchange & Assessment Fees (direct pass-throughs)

  • One fixed markup (fair and guaranteed)

TOTAL: Simple, clear, transparent

About Interchange and Assessments

Interchange is the fee owed to the customer’s card-issuing bank on every transaction.

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These rates are industry-wide (cost) and are simply passed through to the merchant on a Cost Plus pricing model. Interchange varies by card type, by payment environment and, in some cases, by industry.

Common VISA interchange rates are currently between 1.00% and 2.08% for card present transactions, and between 1.45% and 2.45% for card-not-present transactions. For Mastercard, card present rates vary between 0.87% and 1.65%, while card-not-present rates range from 2.06% to 2.54%.

Assessment fees are what the card brands earn on each transaction.

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These fees are currently 0.10-0.11% for domestic transactions and 0.678% for foreign transactions. With Baseline, assessment fees are also passed through at cost, just like Interchange is.

While VISA and Mastercard sometimes make industry-wide changes to Interchange and Assessments, with Baseline your Cost Plus markup is guaranteed. This differs from many of our competitors, who will adjust your markup during the contract term.

Optimize your B2B Interchange rates

Optimize your B2B Interchange rates

Save up to 0.50% for customers-on-file.

Storing your repeat customers in a user- friendly and secure card vault creates efficiencies for your staff. It also helps your bottom line. Let Baseline show your team how to access Interchange rates 0.15% to 0.50% lower than standard keyed rates simply by using compliant software and the right processes. These reductions can also be accessed via batch upload.

Level 2/3 reductions can reach 1.00%.

VISA and Mastercard offer significant Interchange reductions for businesses that collect additional information on eligible B2B and B2G transactions. These enhanced data rates (up to 1.00% lower) are only available to companies using the correct software and processes. We handhold through a smooth transition to a Level 2/3 platform.

Currency conversion pricing

If you are a tourist destination, or an ecommerce or B2B merchant selling globally, currency conversion should be top of mind.

Good for your customers – good for you

Earn a 1.5% rebate on foreign sales

Dynamic Currency Conversion

Streamline the conversion process for your foreign customers and earn rebates at the point of sale.

DCC automatically converts a business’s local currency into the visiting cardholders’ home currency at the point of sale, offering instant conversion to more than 66 global currencies.

This up-front transparency reduces the risk of chargebacks due to unrecognized transaction amounts on customers’ statements. And here’s the best part: 1.5% of the conversion fee comes back to you as a rebate each month. A great way to offset payment processing fees!

Multi-Currency Conversion

Grow your revenue by attracting more international customers online.

With MCC you simply post the prices of the currencies you want to support and you’re ready to accept online payments in those currencies.

Funding will be in your local currency, eliminating the hassle of currency conversion. Accept online payments in 91 currencies, and reduce cart abandonment. What customers see is what they pay.

Say ‘yes’ to Amex customers!

American Express is now easy to accept at great rates thanks to OptBlue Amex Pricing.

Canadian businesses processing less than $500,000 per year in Amex transactions are eligible for reduced rates through the “OptBlue” program. Amex customers, on average, spend more per purchase than other cardholders, so every business should consider saying ‘Yes’ to Amex.

Lower Rates

Amex OptBlue pricing is a simple two-tiered wholesale pricing program with the rate depending on your industry and the transaction size.

For example, retail and services OptBlue rates are 1.60% for transactions $500 and under, and 2.00% for transactions over $500.

One payment, one statement

Your Amex deposits will hit the bank along with your other card brands, which will make your bookkeeper happy.

You will also have one monthly statement instead of a separate statement for Amex transactions, and you will have a single point of contact for all inquiries.

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